The Concept

Make way for Phygital Business! Present more effectively and more qualitatively!
The ShowCase permeates the customer-vendor experience.
At the heart of the idea is a customised presentation: an ultra-qualitative experience, enhanced by the product, and simultaneously having visual and personal contact with the client.
A Swiss idea, pragmatic and effective, interactive and fun, which will accelerate the digitalization of the point of sale for the watchmaking industry.

Image Les Caméras

The Cameras

The sales assistant, or “host” whose presence is optimised and given new importance, can hold the watch, showing it from all angles with both hands, gloved or not. The high-performance camera, equipped with an automatic focus, films in high-definition, macro included, within a range of 20cm to 2cm of the product. In this way, all the details of the piece are visible to the client throughout the conversation. The angle of vision appears realistic, as if the object were in the hands of the speaker. The ShowCase makes possible the best conditions for presenting the product in the context of a professional studio.

Close-up Function

With one click, a new command enables the user to enlarge the image and highlight the details of the product.
Image Les Caméras

Professionnal Lighting

The concept has been developed to be used in all simplicity: equipped with the latest technology, the ShowCase remains, however, accessible and fun. This mini-studio video includes a patented system of ideal lighting with adequate colour temperature because of the multiple LED lights placed on both sides of the diffuser.

Lighting the Host

Two bands of anti-glare LEDs placed on both sides of the tablet enhance the image of the host who benefits from a warm exposure of variable intensity. The portrait of the ambassador (host) is highlighted in all situations, showing no signs of fatigue, no matter how long the presentation lasts.
Image Les Caméras

Specialized Lighting in One Click

With the help of a remote control and in one click, the vendor (host) can play with the general lighting system as well as with two additional specific lights which will bring out the details of your product.

• Spotlights integrated into the diffuser will refine, by their strength, the sunray brushing and engine turns (guillochages) on the dials.

• A UV light source will instantly recharge the SuperLuminova components of your timepieces to simulate their reading in the dark.

Total Control

Inside the ShowCase box, two touchpads allow for the total control of the presentation. In this way, the vendor (host) can alternate between the different screens at any time: the one where he is visible, the other where he is presenting the product in live or both at the same time. These images or videos can also be livestreamed at any moment. This content comes either from your network or from the DAM which is provided by The ShowCase.

Image Les Caméras

Drawers with Specific Bases

The base is interchangeable. It allows for the easy adjustment of the trays which integrate the different type of mounts for watches and jewels, even during the presentation.


Compatible with the 4 main programmes for videoconferencing, Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp and Wechat, our application integrates these platforms for total transparency for your speaker, while all the time maintaining the host’s comfort.

Under development: Cisco Webex, Telegram, Signal, Twitch.

Image Présentation enrichie

Enhanced Presentation

The ShowCase benefits from a software specially developed in Switzerland. It enables the management of the flow of activity, the integration of the videoconference system, the mastering of the streaming of photos and videos in real time and the monitoring of the invitations in the calendar when the videoconference application permits it.

The interlocutor only needs a smart phone, a tablet or a computer to converse in all simplicity. The connection passes through the browser, by simply clicking on the link sent at the time of making the appointment.

Managing the DAM

Presenting a product by visually revealing the brand’s cosmos, its particularities and its values is the only qualitative solution to be made.

This is why The ShowCase integrates the possibility of sharing of your choice of images and videos. As of now, it is very easy to alternate between a live presentation of a product with its own marketing and/or technical world by connecting The ShowCase to your website or a DAM.


Imagined and designed to be easily used, The ShowCase mesures 50cm wide, 40cm deep and 30cm high and includes a 12.3” flatscreen.

There is also the option of a storage box to ensure its safety during transport.


The ShowCase exists in black matt or in LX in a traditional or vegetal leather cladding in the colours of your choice. In all instances of use, the products presented cannot come in contact with any synthetic or leather material, greatly diminishing the risk of damage to the product during demonstration.



Our product is made in Switzerland according to the highest industry standards. As individual country regulations require, The ShowCase is delivered with a homologation certificate for each country in which it will likely be used.



The ShowCase permits the creation of a live video experience resembling a tailor-made staging between a vendor and a client. It is about an agile installation of a veritable video plug-and-play mini-studio.



The ShowCase permits the creation of a suitable space for private exchange. By being so close to his client, the vendor can listen to their wishes, understand their needs better and therefore satisfy them in the best way possible.



In the hand of the vendor, the product is highlighted and magnified. Communication happens in an intimate setting with the client who participates remotely in a truly enhanced experience.



The world of the brand, the watch and the perfection of its environment is prolonged to the end of the chain, as in real-life in a boutique.

Baisse des coûts

Lowering costs

An all-in-one solution: the quality of a live, in-boutique appointment at home, the office or anywhere. With a simple click, the vendor nurtures the exchange, decides which photos and/or videos are shown, so managing the relationship and monitoring the follow-up.


Behind the solution.

Two entrepreneurs from Geneva, well-known to the watch-making industry. They make a complementary association, each one bringing his expertise and experience in terms of imaging, rendering, enhanced content, lighting, and design, to create a perfect staging for your products.

Fabrice Rabhi

Filmmaker, well-known for his watchmaking films, and cofounder of LE TRUC Prod and Post-prod studio. With a background in design and a passion for watches, he earned his stripes 20 years ago in directing his first 3D films in precision timepieces. Today, he is also active in video-mapping, immersive experiences, virtual and augmented reality, vfx, and motion design.

Denis Hayoun

Noted photographer specialising in Fine Watchmaking, founder of the DIODE studio is the biggest photo studio in Geneva today. His visual signature is easily recognizable, for its quality of staging, lighting and details of the highest and finest kind.

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