We created the gate to change the dynamic between stores, producers and clients. No need to wait for clients to come to you, you invite them now. You lead the relations, grow it. Physical distance doesn’t matter anymore.



A complete design

We wanted to perfect the experience of Phygital meetings so we added a removable microphone to present with a colleague or to hear the sound of a Grande Sonnerie. We develloped a interchangable drawer sytem to easily switch items with dedicated trays for watches or jewlery (optionnal). And for long presentaitons, we made a custom heat-dissipating frame to hold the tablet.

Professional photographic studio conditions

This portable-studio video includes a patented system of ideal, homogeneous, lighting for high-fidelity product reproduction. The light can be controlled between hard and soft light by simple scenarios from the application. The ShowCase also has a dimmable ligt for the speaker, selected for their warmth and softness. Thanks to his specific design, products can be handled from all sides without unwanted reflections.

4k camera at your service

The ShowCase's camera is placed in the axis of the eyes and hands for natural movements which lead to a natural body position for effortless presentations. This 4k camera is set with a precise and smooth auto-focus and a powerfull 2X zoom to see even the more subtile details.

Control your presentation with ease

Inside the ShowCase, two custom-made touchpads usable with gloves enable seamless presentations. It allows you to alternate between touchpads and product manipulation keeping it clean and reflectionless.

The ShowCase made for you

With our customisation options, you can make your ShowCase reflect your brand identity and fit into your retail environment. You can, for exemple, choose a qualitative paint, leather or vegetal leather covering. You can also customize the drawer or the tablet frame.


Full control

With our custom software, you can switch between differents scenes with ease. You can choose between a custom waiting screen, the speaker, the product or assets like (local documents, websites and DAM). We also develloped a close-up function to be able to see the finner details without moving the product.
We think that human contact is essential during a presentation so we implemented a way to aways show the speaker in a balanced proportion. And to make your meeting even smoother, we added light management directly in the interface.

Multiple integrated communication softwares

The ShowCase connects seamlessly through your communication platforms of choice: Whats App, Wechat, Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.
We also integrated a CRM tab help you manage your clients.

Color science

With our expertise with luxury images, we had to bring the best image quality possible to the ShowCase.
For that we develloped a special image process to guarante the best color science. It's so good you don't notice it, like reality.
We also added color presets to sublime specific colors of your product.

Behind the solution

Denis Hayoun
Co-founder | CEO

Noted photographer specialising in Fine Watchmaking, founder of the DIODE studio is the biggest photo studio in Geneva today. His visual signature is easily recognizable, for its quality of staging, lighting and details of the highest and finest kind.

Fabrice Rabhi
Co-founder | CTO

Filmmaker, well-known for his watchmaking films, and cofounder of LE TRUC Prod and Post-prod studio. With a background in design and a passion for watches, he earned his stripes 20 years ago in directing his first 3D films in precision timepieces. Today, he is also active in video-mapping, immersive experiences, virtual and augmented reality, vfx, and motion design.

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Our stand

The ShowCase philosophy

Sustainability is at the core of our concept. The choice of suppliers, materials as well as our circular sustainable economy business model, and standing out our diverse and inclusive team.
The showcase is the next step in social responsibility with a goal to contribute in the effort to preserve our planet and society.
The showcase reduces greenhouse gas emissions as it considerably reduces travel, creating a positive impact and bringing us closer to the objective of zero-gas emissions. We designed it to last and be fully repairable.

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